Monday, 5 December 2011

'Universal Awareness: A Theory of the Soul'

I have written this book, which is intended for the general reader, as a print-on-demand publication by CreateSpace.  It begins by asking questions such as 'Why was I born the person I am?', 'If the person I am had never been born, would I have been born as someone else?', 'What happens to me when I die?' and 'Have I lived before (as someone else)?' I approach these and other question about 'the soul' in a rational manner that is consistent with modern scientific knowledge.  I explore with the reader, in a simple and readable style, various philosophical questions, thought experiments and meditations, as well as what modern science tells us about the nature of our universe.  I ask the reader to accept nothing on faith nor to consider the existence of any divine being or supernatural force.  By the end of this exploration we come to some clear answers to the above, and other, profound questions.  In a nutshell, I suggest that what I call 'the soul' - i.e. awareness of being - is an eternal  state: you are always aware of being 'somebody' - a sentient being somewhere in the universe - and at the moment that somebody is the person you are now.  But there is much more!

Probably like any ideas about the human soul, the theory I present can't at the moment be scientifically tested, but I believe it has a reasonable chance of being valid.  The answers may excite you, terrify you, or both.  Whether you fully agree with the conclusions or not, I hope and believe that you will gain a lot from reading this book and thinking about all the matters raised.  I am very keen to have constructive feedback, opinions and discussion about how to move this along. 

For a summary of the theory and opportunities to provide feedback and discussion the book's website may be accessed at

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