Sunday, 31 January 2016

Make of this what you will

Make what you will of this story about an event that happened recently.  I am only the messenger, so please - no personal insults, abuse, threats, etc.

In a charity shop two members of staff were watching two customers very carefully.  The customers were both big men who had been in the shop a number of times before and could be quite intimidating.  They were known to other local charity shops for their stealing.  Their modus operandi was for one of them to distract the assistant who was on duty, while the other stuffed items for sale into a bag.  They never actually bought anything.  

Thanks to the vigilance of the two staff members, on this occasion they left the shop empty-handed. 

I think most people would consider it despicable for someone to steal items donated by the public to raise money to help those less fortunate in our society.  And most people would have sympathy for the staff who have to deal with this problem regularly.

When the two men had gone, a young lady customer turned to the two assistants and announced, ‘I’m going to report you!’

What reason do you think this person gave for saying this?
‘For being racist.’