Wednesday, 17 February 2016

'He's Autistic'

The other morning I was walking as usual down the road to the newsagent's for my daily paper when I became aware of something pushing at the back of my lower legs.  I turned around and as I did so heard a woman's voice in a loud harsh tone saying (I have changed the name), 'Nathan, I've told you before not to let him get so close to the person in front!'  I then saw a young lad with a dog on a lead and realised what had happened.  There was also another child.  I wanted to say to the lad that I was not bothered at all but before I could the woman said to me in a voice as loud and harsh as before, 'He's autistic!'  After that, somehow what I wanted to say didn't get said.  I carried on and when I looked to the other side of the road I noticed the family had crossed over, the woman had taken charge of the dog, and the boy was trailing behind looking most disconsolate.  Not the best way to start the day.